Do you own an SUV, pickup, or van?

Protect your investment with
Spare Shield!

Spare Shield

Protect Your Spare Tire and Rim from Theft!

Constructed from Powder Coated Carbon Steel

Spare tire theft is becoming an increasing problem for auto dealerships and consumers who own SUVs, pickups, and vans. Do you have a spare tire attached to the undercarriage of your vehicle? If you answered yes, then SPARE SHIELD can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement and repairs. In less than 30 seconds a potential thief can cut the cable or chain that attaches your spare tire to your vehicle. SPARE SHIELD deters theft by shielding the most vulnerable part of a spare tire undermount assembly, without tools, chains, or complicated installations!



77% of all vehicles (mostly SUVs) only need the Spare Shield to protect the cable from being cut.

Cargo Van

12% of all vehicles (mostly vans) also have a crankshaft that needs to be protected by our steel blocking plate and the Spare Shield. Ford Econoline Vans: E-150, E-250 and E-350.

Pick Up Truck

11% of all vehicles (mostly pickups) need a tamper resistant lock that will prevent access to the crankshaft in addition to the Spare Shield and blocking plate. Ford F-250 and F-350 Pick-Up Trucks.

What is Spare Shield?

Easy Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Spare Shield expensive?
No, Spare Shield products are priced so that you are basically spending 10% of what it would cost you to replace the spare tire, spare rim and cable hoist mechanism for your vehicle.
Q: Do you offer a warranty and/or extended protection plan?
Yes. We offer a (2) year parts and labor warranty. We also offer an extended coverage plan for an additional $25. If Spare Shield products are defeated and your spare tire is stolen we will replace your tire and rim for free.
Q: How long does it take to steal a spare tire?
In most cases, thieves steal a spare tire in less than one minute. Thieves rely on a quick, cut and grab situation. That is why we have developed several products that add layers of time to the process.


The Spare Shield has helped us save money by greatly reducing our costs related to theft and damage while keeping our renters safe at the same time.

Eric J. Gard
Logistics Manager, Enterprise Holdings

The Spare Shield is proud to announce that we are now protecting over 1,000 vehicles within the Enterprise Rent A Car fleet.

Ron Vari
Spare Shield

We protected our entire city fleet with Spare Shield technology and saved thousands of dollars.

Brian P. Dolan
ATI Ambulance

We had 50 spare tires and rims stolen in one night. Since then the Spare Shield has protected our entire lot and we have profited by selling it on our counter.

Paul Kalamaris
Sales Manager

Cops say there's an epidemic of people stealing spare tires from under SUVs, and they're expensive for you to replace.

Fox News

I would have been frantic roadside not seeing the spare tire there....and having children in the car. It would not be good.

Lisa Lopes (victim of theft)
CBS Chicago